About Parfa

Are you curious about reindeer herding? Want to know more about the Sami culture and what it is like living in the North of Sweden and Norway? Come see us and find it out.

Katarina & Ronny

We met on the border between Sweden and Norway in the summer of 2002. We both share the love of the Sami culture and the landscape in the areas we live. When you visit us, we want you to feel at home, as if you were a friend visiting.

The Parfa Family

The basis in our life lies in the Sami culture and traditions within the Parfa family from the Sami village of Duorbon.  

A Sami village is an administrative area and not a village per se. Within it, different number of Sami families have their reindeer pasture and our area stretches from the Norwegian border to the coastal area between Luleå and Piteå. In the summer, our reindeer are in the mountains of Laponia world heritage area, and so are we. In the winter, we live in Rosfors outside of Sjulsmark about 30 kilometers from the centre of Piteå and 40 kilometres from Luleå.

What We Offer

We start by the open fire in our lávvo, traditional Sami tipi, by boiling some fresh coffee, tasting some Sami delicacies and talk. All questions are welcome!

”What does a year with the reindeer look like?” ”Where do the Sami live and how?”

When your questions are answered (and we run out of coffee), we head out to the enclosure, where our reindeer wait for us to feed them.

If you want, and we have some time left, we might try to catch an antler with lasso.